Manatee Season

Manatee Season is around January – to early March or whenever it gets cold in Florida, or cold to us Floridians at least ;).

Places to see them: Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, FL

Things to know before you go:

  • can only be accessed by a water vessel or if you book with a company
  • the colder it is outside the more likely you are to see manatees
  • bring snorkel gear and/or a wetsuit

If you already have your own paddleboard, kayak, or boat you here are some places you can access the springs: Hunter Springs Park (last I heard under construction so check first!), Pete’s Pier, and Kings Bay Park Launch. They all have a small parking fee. Kings Bay has  public bathrooms.

Places to rent a paddleboard from: Manatee Paddle also has a great free map for you to use of the springs and where to go!

There are also many companies that will take you out by boat to snorkel.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience! I’ve gone twice. Once I went too late into the season when it was warm and only saw one manatee, but the second time, I went in February when it was cold and saw loads of manatees! They were all around us! Check out some pictures we got below! These are from the two different times we went:



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