Wine Tasting 🍷

Lakeridge Winery

If you love wine tasting 🍷for FREE, festivals, live music, craft vendors, learning about the wine process or ALL OF THE ABOVE: Lakeridge Winery is a place you should visit! 
Distance: About 30 minutes out from Orlando depending on where you are coming from


  • On a normal day, they have wine tastings inside the wine gift shop. Wine tasting is free. 
  • On a festival day, the wine tasting is more of a walk through type deal. It does cost $2 to get in on these days, but it gets donated to charities. Festival days have live music, craft vendors, and food.
  • Bring a blanket to sit and chill on the grass and catch some live music.


  • They have an event calendar on their website
  • Go in June or August for grape stomping!
  • Go in December for the wine and chocolate festival and get chocolate pairings with your wine! 🍷🍫

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