Turtle Nesting 🐢

Watch a turtle lay its eggs, create the nest, and return to the water! Its only a $15 donation that goes to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. It’s an amazing event to watch in awe of pure nature.

They first do a presentation about turtles while they send volunteers out to look for nesting turtles. When they find them, the presentation ends and you go for a walk on the beach. The night walk on the beach in itself is gorgeous with the moonlight. When you find the mother turtle you crouch near it, watch it lay 100s of eggs, and then watch its return to the ocean.

 I’ve been twice and was lucky enough to see it happen both times, but it isn’t guaranteed. Regardless, if it doesn’t you get to learn about some turtles and donate to a good cause. 

I don’t have pictures because it’s lights out on the beach and the flash can burn a turtles retina, so you’ll just have to go see it for yourself.



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